Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So I wanted to just update everyone on why it was so long between my last post and the one before it. Also I was supposed to be at a craft fair on the 30th and I wasn't able to make it. It has been a little chaotic here recently. On the 29th at about 10pm we lost electricity due to the storm. We really didn't get that much snow but tons of trees and branches came down. At about 3pm I woke up to what sounded to me like ice cracking on our roof. Then suddenly I heard a loud bang. My fiance and I ran outside and it was exactly what I was afraid of. A tree had fallen on our house!

Luckily there ended up not being much damage and most importantly everyone was safe. While we were out there we could hear the cracking and falling of trees and branches coming from everywhere! It was surreal. After that we didn't have electricity for 3 days and it was an awful adventure trying to stay warm. We spent our savings on Duraflame Logs and managed to keep ourselves and our 2 little chihuahua's warm until the lights came back on. So that is my little story. I also want to say thank you to everyone who sent warm wishes our way. I appreciate your support so much!

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