Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Spirit with Pumpkin Spice

I have always loved the fall. The crisp smell in the air, the beautiful ambers and yellows in the trees, drinking apple cider and picking pumpkins. There are so many wonderfully fun things to do and so many fabulously beautiful sights to see. That being said I have to admit the past couple years since becoming a big garden enthusiast I haven't had quite the same love of fall that I used to. Something about knowing winter is right around the corner and soon all of my beautiful perennials and delicious veggies that I worked so hard on will wither and die. But this year I have embraced the fall again and everything I love about it. I even grew pumpkins!

So in honor of this autumn season I a few weeks ago I made my Pumpkin Spice Soap with real pumpkin filling. Now I have also started making soy candles. I recently made another beautifully scented Pumpkin Spice Soy Tea Light Candles. I am really excited about making a bunch of fall and then winter & holiday inspired scented items! When I smell my pumpkin spice items I'm baking with my grandmother again on a rainy fall day. I want people to smell them and let it bring them to that time.

I'd love to know what scents are your favorites that remind you of the holidays or a special time in your life? Maybe I'll use it in my next project!

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