Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Painted Wall Paper

I have to share this DIY story with you all. After being inspired by this post. I knew I had to try it on my bedroom wall behind my bed. Since buying our house in 2009 we still hadn't done much with the bedroom. I decided to go with a grey color for the walls. On the Nate Show he uses grey a lot and it always looks great and it matches everything. I decided to use the same grey that is in my office. It was painted this color when we moved in and the previous home owner left the can behind for us.  Win - win. I like painting but I do hate how it always tends to somehow end up being a bigger project than I intend it to.

So once the walls were all painted grey. I traced a template for the design and then painted this inside of the traced lines. I have to admit it took forever and by then end I was really sick of painting lines. lol. But it is so much cheaper than wall paper and I really love how it looks! It even brightens up the room a little. I almost bought a stencil online to do this but they were around $30-$35 and I was too impatient to wait for it to be shipped. This didn't cost me anything because I had all the materials laying around the house. It probably would have been a little easier but I still think it came out nice. It isn't perfect but what is? I don't have a picture of the entire wall all finished but I'll post it once I do. I'd love to hear any DIY projects you guys have and how it went.

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